Saturday, July 10, 2010

more kitchen progress

island back panels

Frugaldad finished the back of the island this week. Well, it's not actually finished, it needs to be wiped down with a tack cloth and rubbed with oil like the rest of the woodwork in the kitchen. We'll put a coat of polyurethane on everything when it's all done. The very top of the back of the island is going to get some pretty piece of wavy cherry or fiddleback maple or something equally interesting.

The drawer fronts are all done and one of these days I will go pick out hardware.

all drawer fronts done

I did finally find a glass tile mosaic that I liked for the backsplash.

tile for the backsplash

like I always say....slowly but surely...

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Heidi said...

Monique... that is SO FUNNY... because you know how you commented on my "subway tile" for my fireplace? Well... we ALMOST decided to put in what you've chosen for your backsplash. I was worried that mine might look too modern, but decided to go with it anyway to give the master bedroom a little *hint* of Masculine power since the rest of the room is MINE!!!! ;) Nice choice!!! :)