Thursday, April 24, 2008

Electricity and siding

Frugaldad decided that he is going to do all the electrical work himself so on Saturday we did some attic cleaning so he'd have access to run wires. Yesterday he drilled a hole through the top plate of the garage wall to run the wire for the new a/c unit. It's the old wire, just moved from its old location. Then he'll run new wire for an electrical panel in the addition.

We hired a guy we know to come and put the siding up, and it is being delivered tomorrow. He is also doing the soffits, so we'll be officially closed in sometime in the near future!

It all sounds so easy, but after the wire is run, it's insulation and drywall, and then it's basically finished space! There might be a place for the new baby to sleep after all!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Exterior foam insulation

We are putting foam insulation on the exterior of the building to help with efficiency since there are so many windows. We are finished with the south wall so far.

Foam insulation for the exterior

foam insulation on exterior

insulation on outside of building


Last week the HVAC guys came and did all the rough ductwork in the addition. They haven't tied into our existing system yet. We are replacing our 30+ year old furnace as well as putting in an air conditioner to replace the one we got rid of last summer, and we don't want dust in the new equipment, so we'll wait until the drywall is finished before we install the new stuff.

The main trunk in the basement that feeds all the vents
main trunk in basement

Ducts in the joist bays
air ducts in joist bays

Air vent in the basement ceiling for one of the future bedrooms
air vent in basement ceiling

Air vent on first floor

Air return in south half
return in south half

Air return over the stairs (serves the north half and basement)
return over the stairs

Basement perimeter walls

Frugaldad framed the perimeter of the basement when I was laid up on the couch with a broken ankle.
framed basement perimeter walls