Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas gift to you

an update!

We decided to hire out the tape and mud portion of the drywall.

Wait, did I even tell you we were already to drywall?

During September Frugaldad hung the drywall on the ceiling with his friend Jack.

In October we hung the drywall on the walls together. I put the first two screws in most of the sheets while he held them up. Also in October we moved, widened, and heightened the opening from the main house into the addition.

Then we had a baby! He built decks outside each door and started on the stair railing. We decided that it was worth it to hire out the tape and mud and texture, so the crew started work this past Monday and will finish up next week. We spent the weekend cleaning up tools and drywall scraps getting everything clean for them.

A peek at the progress. More pictures in my Flickr Addition Set.
north half looking west