Friday, October 19, 2007

Walls and trusses

Saturday the 13th Frugaldad and his brother and their buddy from work tipped up the walls.

Later that day, Frugaldad removed the rest of the roof from the "subtraction."
The finished walls
Monday the 15th he took off all the shingles where the roof trusses would need to go. Then he took off all the eaves and soffits. But rain was in the forecast so he tar-papered the roof. Then I put some 2x4s up to try and divert the rain away from the places with no eaves.
Wednesday the 17th we got a Dumspter and put all the debris in it with the aid of the tractor bucket.
The day dawned bright and clear dark and rainy but work must go on. This is what they call "flying in the trusses."
The trusses went up amazingly fast. I was making muffins in the kitchen and in the time I was turned around filling the muffin tins, about half of them went up. This is the view from on the roof.
From inside the addition sans the decking.
From my kitchen window. It rained the whole darn day and until we put tarps over the roof, it rained inside, too. As soon as the rain quits, we'll roll out the tar paper.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Before we could set the rest of the floor joists, we decided that the "shelf" next to the house that caused all the trouble with the compaction should be filled in with concrete to make a good storage place in the basement. Frugaldad decided this was a good time to practice laying concrete so he brought home a new toy.

He set forms to do about half at a time. The first day he did 4 blocks and the second day he did 3 blocks.

It was raining but it needed to be done anyway so we could finish the floor. So we made a tent.

The kids' handprints and a print of a huge maple leaf.
Then we could set the rest of the joists in place, and deck the rest of the floor. We put some extra OSB over the stair opening so nobody would fall through by accident. The stairs won't get built until the roof is on to keep them from getting wet.

Before Frugaldad left for Singapore on a business trip he started framing the exterior walls.

Now the exterior walls are all framed with window openings and the trusses are ordered and will be delivered next week. We decided to have the truss company install them and deck the roof because the weather has been so rainy! They can get it done in less than a day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007