Friday, December 28, 2007

Family Time

The weather's been iffy and it's the holidays, after all, so we've been spending some family time together and not getting as much done. Slowly but surely, though, it will get done.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Since we didn't really have time to put up many outside decorations, we decided we could have the world's largest luminaria.

The world's largest luminaria

I realize there hasn't been much updating lately, but most of the work has been hard to document. Frugaldad has been working on the rough plumbing in the bathroom and our windows were delivered. Yesterday we installed 5. There are 10 more, and the other door is on order but not due to come in for a while. The first door was installed a couple weeks ago.

The French doors
French doors

The first window opening
First window opening

You can see two windows on the edge of this picture, but this was a failed attempt to take the first picture, because I thought the flash was off.

Tyvek in the snow

Monday, December 3, 2007

That's a wrap!

edited 12/7
This weekend Frugaldad framed up the walls for the first floor bathroom, and the doorway in the main wall upstairs.

bathroom framing

In this picture you can also see that all the doors and windows are blocked by Tyvek, so to get into the addition you have to go down the ladder in the window well, and then go up the stairs.

He also wrapped the addition in Tyvek home wrap.

House all wrapped up

The next step is doors and windows! They are ordered and will get installed in a couple weeks.

Today's chore is starting the rough plumbing.